Greystone Farm run by Debehnke family who arescammers

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Greystone Farm was recently rented by Jared Debehnke and Shannon Woodin Debehnke. She probably goes by the name of Shannon Woodin since she is learning the art of scamming from her husband Jared Debehnke and his parents who are so called preachers of the Faith Community Church in Lakeworth.

Shannon and Jared scammed me out of $50, 000.00. Just google Jared Debehnke and Shannon Woodin Debehnke to review the details. They are currently being investigated by various law enforcement agencies.

I am an animal lover and have three dogs and a horse. Shannon is 19 years old and her and her husband as I said before make a living by scamming people. I would never leave my horse under her care. As a matter of fact, her father told me that he believed that Jared poisoned her horse to get her to leave the Ft. Pierce area so she would move to the Lakeworth area.

They have no insurance. I guarantee if a child got hurt on a horse that she is claiming to be a school horse, they would be gone,

Someone just wrote about a recent scam that Jared and Shannon pulled off on Skyline cars. Check this out also.

Click here: jared debehnke Complaints - stole my money#comments

This family is *** of the earth.

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Wow.For people to say such horrible things about a good family is sad.

He messed up, but his father is a great man who I have known for ten+ years.He is a great preacher.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #205256

my wife and i were member's of their parents church.everyone know's the entire family are total frauds.

how they can preach to our holy father is a fraud when they teach teir own son how to steal from others.they are a discrace.

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